Naturally Magical: Lavender

A member of the mint family, lavender has been used by humans for centuries as an herb of transformation and protection.

Ancient Egyptians included the herb in the collection of botanicals used in the mummification process, both for its spiritual attributes, as well as for its antimicrobial properties. During the Great Plague and cholera outbreaks it was worn tied around the wrists, or used to scent gloves that were worn during contact with victims to protect the wearer from contracting the deadly illnesses. Fittingly, its name is derived from the Latin lavare (to wash or clean).

Medicinally, it boasts an impressive list of clinically proven benefits to the body and mind. Long used to aid in sleep, we now know this to be scientifically verifiable. Other studies confirm protective effects on the brain and nervous system against degenerative types of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It can also be applied topically as an analgesic for minor injuries/infections such as bug bites.

More imaginative uses include aromatherapy, where breathing the essential oils is purported to have the power of transforming one’s view on possible futures from negative to positive, aiding in lucid dreaming, and stimulating libido.

Lavender, with its pleasant florality and aromatics, is infusion friendly. If you’d like to begin experimenting with floral infusions, try this simple recipe for lavender simple syrup.

You can substitute the Lavender Syrup for simple syrup in your favorite classic cocktail recipes! -KC

Lavender Simple Syrup