Foster a Dog

Not Sure You’re Ready for a Commitment? Foster a Dog!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a while now, but aren’t sure you’re ready for the commitment, or you just need to understand better how these furry, four-legged beasts might effect your social life – you should definitely try fostering!

Foster a Dog

Great organizations such as PAWS and One Tail at a Time make it as seamless as possible by providing the necessities (crate, food, treats, toys, collars/leashes) and even sponsor dog walking for any days you need. These organizations are saving dogs that otherwise might have been left at kill shelters in states where that atrocity is still legal. Fostering them gives them a chance to get ready for adoption by having any needed medical treatment and then find a long-term home.

Fostering usually occurs over ~3 weeks depending on needs of the dog and while it’s always great if you find someone who wants to adopt him/her, that’s never the expectation. These organizations are great at finding them loving homes. One of our team members recently got 3-year old Rachel from PAWS. Pour Rachel has two vulvas that need some medical attention, but that didn’t stop her from strutting her stuff at Estereo this summer.

Looking for a spot to take your new best friend? Some of our other favorite dog-friendly spots include: Big Star, Saint Lou’s, Parlor Pizza, Ludlow Liquors, The Moonlighter, The Promontory, and Mott St.

And remember impulse fostering can be a way safer bet than impulse adopting.